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• Produce PEAK PERFORMANCES on command

Join the 23 World and Olympic champions and World #1’s Noel has assisted through his Psychological Preparation for Peak Sports Performance program and MAXIMIZE YOUR TALENT


Develop your Competitive IQ to the point where, in absolute key pressure situations, you know that you have the mental skills to stand up and excel.


Develop and ingrain mental skill sets that are mindful, strategic and valuable in enhancing long term resilience in all aspects of your life.


Working as a Team with Noel is a natural and authentic extension in the development of your sporting prowess or business acumen. Enhance your skills to the degree that they become intuitive, connecting your personality and your unique achievement motivation.

Noel has worked with 23 World and Olympic champions and World #1’s across the globe
Develop your Competitive IQ to the point where, in absolute key pressure situations
Develop and ingrain mental skill sets that are mindful, strategic and valuable in enhancing long term resilience
Working as a Team with Noel is a natural and authentic extension in the development of your sport or business

Work History & Experience

Over the past 30 years Dr. Blundell has spent 3 to 6 months per year travelling on the international circuits preparing athletes on site to meet the high pressure demands of elite sport. Be it at Augusta with U.S. Masters champion Sandy Lyle, at Wimbledon with Semi- Finalist Jason Stoltenberg, in pit lane with multiple V8 Super Car champion Mark Skaife, or at the Olympics with Slalom Canoe silver medalist Danielle Woodward, Dr. Blundell’s unique international experience in the white hot, on site cauldron of international sport, provides him with a wealth of experience that shapes his “real world” approach to consulting.

Academic Background

Noel completed his undergraduate degree in Australia and was #1 graduate in the first full time Physical Education Program in Australia. He received Graduate Teaching scholarships to the USA and completed his Doctoral Degree at the University of Tennessee in Sport Psychology and Psychomotor Behaviour. Subsequently lectured in these two areas at the University of Queensland.

National Sports Research Co-coordinator (NSRC)

Noel was appointed Australia’s first NSRC by the Australian Sports Commission. Responsible for establishing, co-ordinating and critiquing all nationally funded Sports Science research throughout Australian Universities. The system established in 1984 is still functioning today.

Author, Inventor, Coach, Sport Scientist.
  • First teaching appointment was Head of Physical Education at Craigslea High School in Brisbane.
  • In addition to his Sports Psychology role, Noel also coached some of the World’s top 20 players on the Mens ATP and Womens WTA Tennis Tours and travelled with them to all of the Grand Slam events.
  • Author of “So you want to be a Tennis Pro? – A pratical and mental guide for players, coaches and parents” with contributions from Paul Annacone and Foreword by Pete Sampras.
  • Inventions include the patented Sniper Vision Instrument for golf putting; and the patented Psycho Motor Instrumentation used with elite athletes throughout the world.
  • AFL Draft Combine. Since its inception in 1994 Noel has been in charge of “Psycho-Motor Testing and Psychological Assessment” for the AFL.  The results of this testing and his insights have been distributed by the AFL to all 18 AFL clubs to assist with their talent ID and draft selections.
  • Noel was Head of Elite Sport Psychology for the Victorian Institute of Sport and Golf Australia for many years.  He has also been a Consultant to numerous Australian National Sporting Bodies and Teams as well as International Sporting Organisations e.g. International Tennis Federation (ITF)
Competitive IQ, Talent ID and Development

During his 30 years of international experience Noel has collected a unique set of psycho-motor data from the world’s elite athletes.  He has consolidated this data to create a program which quantifies an athlete’s Competitive IQ (CIQ) and CIQ Potential.  In conjunction with Noel’s consulting programs, this concept contributes massively to the process of Identifying Talent and Maximising the Development of Talent to its full potential.

Professional Highlights and Achievements

Dr Noel Blundell is an internationally renowned Sport Psychologist. He has a high national and international media profile in television, print and radio due to his outstanding results working with elite athletes. As a result of his success with a broad range of international athletes, he was dubbed by the media “the sport psychologist to the stars”.

Over the past 30 years Dr. Blundell has been directly involved in producing 23 World and Olympic champions and World #1’s. These include Ash Barty (tennis), Lleyton Hewitt(tennis), Arthur Brett (dual World Champion in Board Sailing and Yachting), Lee Brownbill (Shooting), Brett Thurley (Water Skiing), Lauren Bevaart (Triple World Karate Champion), Lauren Burns (Olympic Gold Medalist – Tae Kwondo), Tom King & Mark Turnbull (Olympic Gold Medalists, Yachting), Minjee Lee and Su Oh (Golf), Danielle Woodward (Olympic Silver Medalist – Slalom Canoe), Scotty James (Half Pipe Snow Boarding, World Champion). He has worked with numerous National teams, including Softball, Parachuting and Squash.

Client’s Success “Noel gets it”
  • Noel absolutely understands  what the athletes are going through, both on and off the playing arenas. He intuitively relates exceptionally well with athletes of all levels from World Champions to under age levels.
  • As a parent of two elite athletes he similarly relates to the challenges that beset parents of young athletic achievers.
“Bridging the Gap”
  • “The Doc” truly bridges the gap between sport, psychology and sport science and merges them seamlessly and intuitively.
  • He utilises the latest scientific information.  However, his depth of scientific understanding enables him to present this information in creative, simplified and meaningful terms for athletes to apply seamlessly.
Former Clients Apply Knowledge and Skills
  • Eight have gone on to coach multiple major winners in tennis and golf
  • Coach World Number 1s (Paul Annacone coaching Pete Sampras and Roger Federer)
  • Several have become Heads of Player Development for National Sporting bodies in the USA, Great Britain and Australia (Paul Annacone, Jason Stoltenberg, Nicole Pratt, Adam Vella)

Some have become National Coaches in several countries throughout the World (Arthur Brett, Sailboarding – current Japanese Olympic Coach)

International and Australian Awards
  • The awards received have been very fulfilling, not only for myself but for my family and colleagues whose unconditional support made working with elite athletes at an international level possible.
  • Awards have been received as a teacher, researcher and practitioner and for academic excellence in Australia and the USA. Especially rewarding was receiving the University of Tennessee Chancellor’s Citation for ‘Extraordinary Professional Promise’, particularly as only 8 students amongst 8,000 graduate students achieved this honor.
Do You Want To Maximise Your Sporting Potential?

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Let’s chat and discuss how I can assist you to to increase your achievements in the competitive sporting environment.

Consultations are generally 1 hour in duration and can be arranged outside standard business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard of Noel’s successes with world’s elite but assumed he probably wouldn’t work with someone of a lower level like me. Does he work with people of average skill levels?

Absolutely! If you have a genuine desire to improve your performance and are willing to commit to the challenges we agree are required to achieve your goals, I am happy to assist you.

Can parents and/or partners sit in on consultations?

Yes, I welcome their involvement. It is important for them to understand the dynamics of what their son or daughter is experiencing and why. Frequently they will be part of the solution. However, it is the athlete’s choice as to who attends, especially as there may be times when the conversation has to be a private one on one with confidentiality respected.

Does Noel do on-site visits to training sessions or competitions?

Yes, I believe it is very important to see an athlete performing in the ‘real world’, to support you and to see how well you are applying your mental skills in live situations. I  am also happy to assist you in your pre competition preparation, watch you compete and provide you with insightful feedback.

Is Noel comfortable liaising with my coach, fitness advisor or support team?

Yes. I often suggest to a client to invite members of their support team into specific consultations to ensure that everyone is on the same page. It is important to provide opportunities for them to ask specific questions about key situations. It also creates the dynamic where team members can call me for further advice and support. Over the years, I have found this to be very effective and successful.

Does Noel do phone, skype or facetime consultations?

Yes, he does these frequently with athletes from interstate and overseas, and especially when athletes are travelling and competing at events.

Is there parking readily available outside of Noel’s consulting rooms?

Yes, plenty available right out the front.

Does Noel work outside of standard business hours?

Yes. Appointments are available to suit client’s needs.

What do I need to bring along?

A smile, a willingness to learn and an open mind.

I have heard that Noel uses scientific tests to establish “where I am at” mentally and to track my progress to see if I am improving. Is this true?

Yes, I utilise a number of biofeedback devices (like portable EEG instruments) to track your brainwave patterns, emotional intensity levels and psycho motor devices to determine your decision making speed and accuracy capacities. These are supplemented by sport specific Mental Skills Inventories to establish your mental skill predispositions. With all of these you have the choice of having your results compared to my database of international results for the world’s elite sporting athletes. It is fun to see how you compare to elite performers in your sport, as well as tracking your own performance and progress.

Will I have “homework” to do between sessions?

“Homework” sounds like an onerous term, however I will teach you a range of new mental skills that are critical to your future development.
You will need to practice these so that you know they will stand you in good stead in key pressure situations.
In addition, to further build you confidence I will simulate key pressure situations where you will have to apply these skills and I will “test” your responses. This process of practicing, testing, receiving feedback and fine tuning builds trust and confidence in your ability to handle key challenges in real life.

My Biography

About Noel

From the earliest possible age Noel has been surrounded by competitive sport. He has consumed every opportunity to be involved at a competitive level and from very humble beginnings became a high level junior performer in three different sports: rugby league, tennis and golf.

By chance he spent several years around the Emerson family, whose son Roy became one of the world’s greatest tennis players and as a World #1 also won 12 Grand Slam titles. Coached by Roy’s dad, Roy Snr, Noel spent many fruitful hours chasing down Roy’s serves during school holiday “workouts”


Noel In Action